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0.63.148671 - *INVENTORY* - Slot separation/Quickbar Accessibility
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Dear developer Team,

I would love to know, if you have anything planned regarding the separation of inventory slots per item. What I am talking about, is something similar to what the creators of Escape From Tarkov™ did, as shown in this example:

I have also found this concept, a fan of your game made. It pretty much represents what I am talking about, though of course this was based on the old inventory from 2017


As can be seen here, the slots are separated which represents the actual size of the pockets on that piece of clothing. And while you can fill them all with individual items you can't just have an AK that artificially shares all those slots.

Because that makes it impossible to read that for example someone has a dangerous weapon as a full-sized AK when he is only wearing a jacket. For a hardcore survival game, I believe this shouldn't be the case and I know that Peter Nespesny wants the player to be able to read other players body language and such.

Dear Geez, if you have read through this, I would highly appreciate just a very short comment on whether this is something you take into consideration at all, or if there is already a final decision regarding it.

Thank you and please keep going, you are doing amazing work!


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Just some ideas:

For backpacks, such as the "Hunting Backpack" for example there could be some additional slots to the left and right, representing the pockets, that backpack has. This would have impact, combined with my other suggestion, to only make items accesible on the hotbar, if those items are placed in an easily accessable pocket, that you could reach in real life.

That way you could place a water bottle in one of the side slots to have it allowed for the hotbar, or maybe an AK mag, if you don't have any military grad vest yet. Being able to just draw firearms and other things from a bag that is positioned on your back and closed is not very immersive and implementing this feature would give DayZ yet another layer of authenticity and realism.

Thank you for reading! (if you made it through it ;) )

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