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'Area Items' do not spawn on Time Accelerated Servers
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So I have noticed that area items do not spawn on servers which have time acceleration active.

Hung around for 10 minutes+ near apple and pear trees to no avail, UK 2-1 hopped servers and on US Northeast 2-1 everything works fine, hang around and items do start to spawn, mushrooms, apples, pears.

I do not believe this is area specific either, as I have noticed this over multiple areas and places throughout the map. Perhaps I have been very unlucky but it seems very unlikely given how quickly items around me started to spawn on server without time acceleration.

I'd like to say this is a Major issue but the reality of it that it is indeed just Minor in terms of game breaking but it makes surviving very hard on these servers, and surviving is the core game mechanic. Being able to find things around you to survive really adds to the game in my opinion and I love how items do spawn around you.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Hello blackwiddow20.
Have you experienced this behaviour on the 1.0 version as well?

@Geez maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

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