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Xbox One: DayZ Character Locked in Database
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As of today, I have tried to log into any and almost all servers on the server list, and when it actually allowed me to load into the server, a message was posted saying that my character was locked in a database, five attempts were made before shooting me back to the main menu. I attempted to delete my local save data, as was recommended by the DayZ Xbox One home page, to no avail. Please help!


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox One
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start on Main Menu
  2. Log into any server until it puts you into a queue.
  3. Observe that you cannot play.

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This comment was removed by hoodedfir.
This comment was removed by hoodedfir.

Iv been locked in database for 12hrs gamer tag killarcam666 server name dayz us 3664383 time 6:52pm

My gamer tag is: sf chainsaw I am very new to the game. I recently found a few new players to help teach me the game and show me around the game. It is getting really frustrating because of this lock in database B.S. I keep running into. I have been playing on server number SG 4455. This is the only server I am playing on. I hop off a few times a day because I need them to show me around and help me get me familiar with the map and I get locked in database for at least an hour. My biggest problem is I'm not doing anything that even warrants a locked in database. I'm not duplicating items or server hoping, I'm actually playing the game how it is meant to be played and I'm getting punished. I don't know what to do other than waist time, that I barely have, waiting for my character to get unlocked because it has happened the last 4 days in a row now and its getting hard to stay loyal to a fun game when I cant play the game when I want to play it.

chloros83 added a subscriber: chloros83.EditedSep 14 2018, 3:55 AM

Hello, characters stuck in database. GT: Nebulous420 Server: DayZ NL 3665919 Time/Date: about 8:50 pm Central 9/13. Kicked Message: You were kicked off the game. (Character Locked In Database.) Ty

Dude fix this toxic bug, got kicked from game due to server disconnect and when I try n join new one it says character locked in database 2nd day, please sort ya game out

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GT: An Edgy Kid
Server: DayZ US 3664329
Time/Date: ~ 2:00 PM Central 9/14
You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

GT- Crimson937
Sever all
Time 2 pm Central Time
Kicked off game. (Character locked in database)

Hello SHANAYNAY1113.
If you are still experiencing this issue, please connect to any server and then send us your gamertag, the server name and approximate time of the connection. Also, please include the error message you get upon being kicked (for example: "You were kicked off the game. (Character Locked In Database)").
Geez im having this same issue occur and cant fix it Dx I keep receiving an error saying: You were kicked off the game. (Character Locked In Database) my gamertag it xDonutLegendx please help :/

Gamer Tag: SakeMyBoto
Time: 23:32 Est
Date: 9/15/18
Server: US 3667902 / All servers
You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

My char is locked please fix

Gamertag Kalenda Maya

You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database


branscomb24 added a subscriber: branscomb24.EditedSep 17 2018, 10:01 PM


We have removed your character from the database as it was possibly preventing you from logging in. In case you still have any issues with the character, please let us know. Also, please create a separate ticket the next time you experience such issue.

im having the same issue. i died last time i was on so jus exited right away and now im getting all these errors.


gamertag: SnD Miracles

gamertag: brickquick
Server: US 3664200
Time: 16:23 EST Sept 17, 2018
Message: Character locked in database, remaining attempts (then countdown from 5 to 1)
followed by
You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

My brother and I were also locked in the database because of a server reset. Sad thing is, I just bought the game today, and played for 1 1/2 minutes before the server reset. Definitely not a good first impression guys. Also, your website is very confusing. How do I post my own ticket for the xbox version of DayZ?
Our gamertag are:
Jumpsu1t Dan

GT Jumpsu1t Dan, server US3664284 last login attempt 1539

Just to throw this thought out there: If this is what it takes to stop people from server hopping, I would rather have no protection from server hoppers. This is ridiculous beyond belief.

please fix this!! i have to play pubg now :(

GT: Rib3iro
Server: DayZ US 3667500
Time/Date: ~ 10:18 PM
You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

GT: Blamblamboonie
Server: US xxx4212
Time/Date: approx. 6:45pm 9/19/18

You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database.)

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Gamer tag:: D5 Hammer

GT: Talynin
Server: all
Time: 2:50pm ish
Date: 22/9/2018

You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)
ive owned the game about 2 hours.... come on guys.

Im stuck on rhe character locked in database error:(
Gamertag is TANMAN2099
server is US 3668004
Time is 11:47 am
Date is 22/9/2018

Alexteeze94 added a subscriber: Alexteeze94.EditedSep 22 2018, 6:32 PM

Gt: alexteeze94
12:33 pm
Character locked in database

GlockLesnar added a subscriber: GlockLesnar.EditedSep 22 2018, 8:27 PM

GT: Spock Lesnar
2:29 PM EST
US 3665700
You were kicked off the game. (Character Locked In Database

Please help and FIX THIS!!

Gamer Tag: The Shepardo
Time: 13:52 Est
Date: 9/22/18
Server: DayZ NL 3663864 (Game Preview)
You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

BigSegz added a subscriber: BigSegz.EditedSep 22 2018, 10:07 PM

GT: Segz Slaughter
Platform: XBOX One
Date: 9/22/18
Server: Day Z US 3667281(Game Preview)
Time : 4:01pm EST

Warning: You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

Please fix this I really enjoy this game.

GT: Blackyychannn
Platform: Xbox one
Server: DayZ NL 3663870
Time: 4:10pm EST
Date: 9\23\18
Warning: You were kicked off the game (Character locked in database)

Please fix this game-breaking bug kinda feel like ive wasted 40 bucks

GT LemdogE
Xbox one
Date and time: Sep 22 3pm
Server: US 028
Message: you were kicked off the game (character locked in database)

I got on today to play with a friend and wasn't able to join any game, resulting in message above. I was playing late last night and was kicked about 6 times in 2 hours. Last thing I did last night was hunted chickens and mushrooms to cook then was kicked and was tired

Last weekend my character was locked out for over 72 hours, finally was able to play after you updated and database wipes everyone monday/tueaday. I'm extremely pissed off that this happened on the weekend again when I have no work and want to play. Please fix, at this rate I might be done wasting my time on this shit


GT: Spock Lesnar
11:59 PM EST
US 3666165
You were kicked off the game. (Character Locked In Database

Rsoto018 added a subscriber: Rsoto018.EditedSep 23 2018, 10:37 PM

Hello, characters stuck in database. GT: XIII Lestat Server: DayZ US 3664260 Time/Date: about 3:36 pm Central 9/23. Kicked Message: You were kicked off the game. (Character Locked In Database.)

Hello Character locked in Database bug. I've been trying to get on for about 30 minutes and immediately received this issue on my first attempt to connect.

GT: TommyBruise
1640 EST
"You Were Kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

3664137 was the last server I tried but happens on any US server I have attempted to connect.

Hello my account has been locked into the database for about 30 mins or so I have been trying to log into a server but it says character locked into database attempts remaining 5 and then it kicks me out. My gamer tag is MobyDyckk

This comment was removed by Ciarandlab.

Been locked for about 1.5 hours on xbox GT: withybassoon37

Same issue. Been 2 hours.
GT: Ninjagingerhrse

GT: OrdinalOrb886
Game won't load any servers
Says kicked off the game because character locked in database

Dayz Server: DayZ US 3664134
GT: ProHabit123
Time: 9:00pm
Tried joining any server and every time it says “kicked off game (character locked in database)”

Dayz server dayz RU3664092
Tried joining any server and it says “kicked off(character kicked in database)

DayZ Server: DayZ US 3667995
GT: Pix3lZen
Time: 6:58 PM MT
Date: 09/24/2018

Joined server, played for an hour, left, logged back on, joined same exact server, immediately got this message.

Clearing game data does not resolve this issue. Any subsequent characters after clearing game data get the same message on first attempt to join a server, even the same one I was on previously.




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I’m getting the character locke in database error. XBOX ONE profile is BadBoggart

Gamertag: FSB Dimitri
Time: 2:00 pm Est
Date: Saturday, september, 2
Server: us 3664326 game preview

Been dealing with this for about 2 and a half hours with the character locked in database... this is saddening as i just bought the game..
It says: You were kicked off the game (Character Locked in database)

Earlier today I played for about an hour on one low population server I arrived at pavlovo military base when my food had arrived so i climbed the cat walks that go throughout the base and logged off about a half hour later hop back on and character locked in database bo matter what server try joining deleted save and when that didn't work uninstalled and redownload still nothing wish i had the option to just delete the character that's better than not playing at all.

This comment was removed by Sosohul.

I was constantly trying to connect to several servers and it says my character is locked in database. It's been this way for 12 hours now. What can I do?

It says my character is locked in database and It wont let me play the game can someone tell me how to sort this problem out please

Yesterday I played for like 8 hours now whenever I try to go on it says database timed out or locked in database PLEASE HELP My gamer tag is VoidedPanther36 and I’m in Kamiwobo

Can someone help me fix my game? I'm getting "character data check failed"
GT: King9of1Kings

Io ho lo stesso problema: character's data check failed, il gamertag è: NanoGrigio, nn riesco più a giocare da ieri

After a VERY laggy game I tried logging out and back in hoping it would be fixed and now I am locked out of database, please fix.

Gamertag - Solidus Black