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Character Locked In Database (kicked)
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I literally can’t join a game now, I don’t understand why this is even a thing. What is character locked in database? Can any DayZ staff fix this already... any loop holes?


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Xbox One
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Fix it!

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Hello SlickGames.
The prolonged character locks are tied to issues with the servers which we are looking into. We are periodically unlocking the locked characters and they also should unlock automatically within an hour. In case your character lock persists for more than one hour, please let us know here.

My gamer tag is (A CRZY GORILLA) my character is locked in database.. I’ve checked over 200 servers and all the same thing.. it counts down then I get kicked. Just please fix this problem for me. I happened September 6th and is still locked and it’s not September 7th. Help

Same here lovked in database on xbox. Gt is enjoi200. Its been like this for 4 days now.

Same here, Ive been locked in database for the past four days. My gamertag is mememanbran. My last attempt to connect was on server Dayz NL 3665415

Also i must be a moron cause i cant figure out how to make a thread. Any help?

I've had this happen before but never for more than a few minutes
Until today. I left a server because it was about to restart, tried joining another one and was kicked immediately, now I'm locked out.
GT: iiGray Squirrel
Xbox one

Same here fellas :-(

Game tag: Meisterslim

My character is also locked in Database.

Gamer tag - ArryBadBoy

Locked in database

thanks :)

Same. Gt enjoi200. Server dayz us 3664425.

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5 days and you guys havent fixed my account

this is a joke to be honest paying £32 and have been able to the game 1 time, not acceptable, I get that is preview but seems more like robbery unlock me or give me a refund. GT = I 4M Gravy

6 days and gave all the information you guys said to give and still didnt fix anything. Cant even delete my saved data because its on cloud and i cant delete that. Dude wtf is this

I am having the same issue gt is pvtbrignac

Same problem here! Plz help my mates are leaving me behind! Gamer tag is SniperMcFart

I just wanna play

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Forget it they dont care. I uninstalled my game, deleted all saved dat, got to the screen and had a new character, and was still locked out. Now i lost my character that was fully set and im also still locked out. Good thing fallout and battlefield are coming out soon

I was playing on a sever and got dissconected from it, wen trying to go into a new one I just get the error "DB error" I'm completly locked out off the game

GT: Necro Siren

Last sever tried to logonto:3665676

Time: 3:36am

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Hello everyone.
If you are still experiencing this issue and you haven't created a separate ticket yet, please create a separate ticket through the "New DayZ Xbox Bug Report" form. Prior to doing so, we will need you to try to connect to any server and then send us your gamertag, the server name and approximate time of the connection. Also, please include the error message you get upon being kicked in the ticket (for example: "You were kicked off the game. (Character Locked In Database)").

Have been locked in database for over 2 hours now. Don’t remember the specific server I was on but I’m on Xbox one and made a separate ticket as well. 1.01 just came out and would love to play with my squad. Gamertag is L 0 R D Landon. The 0 is Lord is a zero btw.

This is happening again... Won't let me connect says Warning you where kicked off the game (Character locked in database) come on guys seriously the full release was around 24 hours ago and the biggest part of your certification hinges upon stability... As is it feels like a server stress test trying to see where they can save money of course it's easy enough to meet server demand when you bann players and give them an error the game ever passed certification I will never know... As me and 7 players are putting this down with the agreement that we never should have bought this game and feel robbed... Shame I was looking forward to all those empty promises made to players regarding server count and frame rate improvements... The binos don't work and tuna cans don't open... I tried wiping my data after waiting an hour and still not connected in my country if you don't get what you paid for you get a refund how do I apply for said refund...?

Locked in database this is day 2

I’m stuck in database since yesterday... GT: xFr4nkTheTankx2

Can’t join any servers...

same here loged out cause of a glitched zombie and going in the house put me outside and suddley a zombie was on me been locked out for more than 24 hrs i understand the concept of the ban. but fix your game before you crack down on bans