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.63 Hunting stand top disappearing when close.
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*I play on the lowest of settings on 720p, but this could be happening with better settings, (i'm not sure)*

With certain hunting stands, this issue appears where the top part disappears when you are close, or are zooming in on the hunting stand.

When far way, the hunting stands looks and remains intact. This may be some error with occlusion tech?

this is the hunting stand to the west of Khelm


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

*I play on the lowest of settings on 720p, but this could be happening with better settings, (i'm not sure)*

  1. Go to this hunting stand by the west of Khelm
  1. Try looking at a hunting stand from different distances (5m away, 10m away, 20m away, 30m away, etc.)

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Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
Are you experiencing this issue on the PC or the Xbox version?

I've experienced this as well for quite some time on the PC version. For me it usually happens at medium distance (approx. 150 meters) and the entire hunting stand comes into view when I get closer. I'm running 1080p at pretty low settings. I took a few screenshots on stress test #44.

Here the top part is missing:

A few steps closer and the top part is back:

I also saw this in the Stress test vol. 44.
From far away the deer stand had no top until I walked closer.

Playing on Windows 10 with medium to extreme graphics settings

@Geez This was on the PC version.