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DayZ Xbox One Character locked in database
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I died in game and got up and went to do something and I came back and was kicked out of the game and when I try to join it says "warning you have been kicked from the game (character locked in database) " no matter what server I'm trying go join


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Character locked in database. I didnt die i got kicked from the server and when i went to join again it wouldnt let me happened on version 0.63.148417 on 8/30/2018 at approximately 5:50am central standard time u.s

I’m getting the same problem myself I don’t know what to do haven’t been able to play for 6 hours starting to get very angry with game

We all server hop from time to time and I did so today and I got the message telling me that my character is locked in database and it counts down the remaining times from 5 all the way to 1 and doesnt let me join any server. I was reading different forums last night because it hapoend last night as well that it is just a bug in the game that they have yet to fix and should wait 30 minutes to an hour to hop back on the game and it may fix the issue. It fixed the issue for me last night with the wait but now i’m kinda pissed it is happening again.

I had the same thing happen but I just wanted to join my friends server now I can't play and if it's true that it takes 30min to an hour I have to go to work so I guess I'm not playing today.

Yeah it has been almost 3 days for me since I got locked out.