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A-KM gunplay/reload not working as intended
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When handling a A-KM assault rifle, the whole mechanic of reloading ammunition or changing mag does not work as intended.
When trying to insert new mag, the rifle often behaves as if the mag does not fit, or it might reload a new mag but not actually behave as if the mag is inserted in to the rifle.
Or the animation might show a mag, even tho there is no mag in the rifle, or the animation might not show a mag even tho there is a mag in the rifle.
Some times the fact that you're holding a A-KM on your body might "bug out" your character, and equipping it might not work until you've pressed the designated "hot key" several times. Often the only solution is to re-log so that you can equip a different gun in stead. If you don't you might get stuck with a non functioning animation of a A-KM in your hands.
Either way, the rifle does not function most of the time, and at this point it's more of a accessory than anything else. It's for sure not working as a firearm.


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Windows 10 x64
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Played as a group of 4, and we all experienced the same problems with 2 different guns.
Re-logging and restarting the game did not fix anything, so our conclusion is that the issue is with the game client, not our computers.

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Hello Behemian and thank you for the report.
We have been testing this issue thoroughly but so far we were unable to reproduce it, though we are aware of some situations during which magazines may become stuck in weapons. The next time you experience this issue, can you try to take note of the specific actions/details you have done prior to the issue occurring (Such as the weapon placement ((hands slot / back slot)), the placement of the magazines, the way you have loaded the magazine ((through quickbar / drag and drop)) etc.) and let us know under this ticket?

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See this issue, the last comment also shows how it's reproduced, by looting a magazine from the ground while your inventory is full, the magazine will go into your gun instead of your backpack/clothes inventory, once that happens the mag is bugged.

Also the magazine doesn't show on the gun animation/icon when viewed in inventory, not sure if it's the same issue but this is one way that guns become broken.