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Magazines getting stuck in weapons
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During stress test 31 I have come across a bug where magazines get stuck in the weapon and will not function. First it happened on an AKM. I looted the AK empty and later found a clip. When I opened my inventory to find the clip (and fill it with rounds) it was already attached to the weapon, so it had apparently auto-attached itself, which I am not aware if it is intended behaviour or not. The mag could not be removed from the AK in any way, and on the character the AK was still visually displayed as without mag although the AK's inventory showed a mag with 12 rounds in it.

I could cycle the mechanism with R to get rounds out of the mag, but the AK would not fire until I had emptied the mag of rounds with R and chambered the weapon manually. At no time could the mag be removed.

It also happened with my Makarov. I had earlier found a Makarov without mag that I had saved in my backpack. Later I found a new Makarov, this one with a mag with six rounds in it. I went to throw away the earlier Makarov and noticed in its inventory that it now showed a mag with six rounds in it that could not be removed!

Another strange thing is that after the mags got stuck I could no longer aim down sights, middle mouse or shift did nothing with raised weapon. It worked before I tried removing a mag from the weapons, but not after. Relogging fixed this but did not affect the mags.

Sadly I never found a second mag for either weapon so I could try to "unlock" it by swapping mag. Both weapons were rendered useless, so I'd classify this as a serious bug.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Windows 10 Home
Steps To Reproduce

Have empty weapon in inventory, loot a mag with "F". I think dragging and droppin in a bag will circumvent this, just a hunch tho...

Additional Information

Sadly no video, I'll record if this happens again.

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I found a Scorpion and MP5-K that both had this issue on Stress Test #31. I took a screenshot of the MP5, it shows a clip as an attachment (along the bottom row of attachments), but the weapon image itself the clip does not show attached to the gun. The clip cannot be removed, and if you try to remove it the UI gets messed up, you're unable to drop the weapon to the ground for a few seconds, then eventually it seems to fix itself and the weapon can be moved normally but the clip is still attached.

I don't think I had any other magazines or loose bullets in my inventory when I found the broken guns, they seemed to have just spawned broken. One was Worn and one was Badly Damaged so I dunno if that makes a difference.

Beavis added a comment.EditedJul 4 2018, 10:38 AM

Did some more experimenting last night and did not come across any weapons that were bugged when i picked them up. Maybe the broken weapons you found had been dropped by other players?

I figured out there is a way to safely pick up a magazine when you are carrying an empty weapon already: Open inventory and drag the magazine into your bags, that way it doesn't auto-attach itself to the weapon as when picked up with F, and you then can manually attach it to the weapon which will work as normal.

Playing on experimental early this morning 7 a.m. GMT or so. I witnessed this occur multiple times where the magazine would be picked up using keyboard, and since the inventory was full the magazine would go into the empty rifle/smg, but that rifle when equipped (from Alice pack) would appear graphically to be missing. Leaving/joining, nothing would fix the rifle or smg. Simply put if you dont want to bug out the gun and lose both it and a magazine (and ammo in it)., at this time hit tab to open inventory and make space. Some times auto equip on weapons when picked up onto weapons (even an EAST SILENCER replacements the improvised silencer in the alice pack).

I was not able to fix this bugged magaizine by hot-keying another. this happened to me with the smg .45 and the ak 7.62x39 on experimental .63