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Game crash usually when opening map in Exile Mod.
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I've never had an issue with ARMA 3 after buying it during the alpha until last weekend. My game would crash while playing the Exile mod, usually when opening the map. It happened at random times (a few hours after playing or a few minutes). I updated my GPU drivers yesterday and played for two 3 hour periods without an issue, but again the game just crashed, so I still have some problem I need some help with.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
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Last weekend whenever I was doing something (driving, running, flying) and then opened the map, the game would lock up and the little red square map icon would be on my desktop. I needed to restart the PC to get ARMA 3 to shut down.

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Does the crash happen without the mod enabled?

I really only play that mod, so I haven't tried without it enabled.

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Well it might be related to the mod and not the core game itself. If that is indeed the case then you need to contact the creator of the mod.

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Mod related.

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