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Data Link "Target" not working for players
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Sharing target with data links allows a unit to target and lock it, without using its own sensors.

Right now even if you see a target that is shared via link, you are either not able to target it, or your are not able to lock onto it.
If in the same situation an AI controls the vehicle they are able to lock and fire missiles.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Place down 1 flying Target (e.g Ki-48)

Place down Centurion A:

  • remove ammo
  • make sure data links are all on

Place down Centurion B:

  • disable emission
  • make sure data links are all on

If you test this setup, "A" will see the target with its radar, and share the data with "B". The AI in "B" will engage the target and shoot it down.

If you test this setup again, but take control of "B" with a UAV terminal, you will notice, that it is impossible to get a missile lock on the target.

Can be done with Jets or anything else that has radar. A player wont be able to attack the shared target, but an AI will.

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I tested the tracking of the centurion as you described and I am able to lock onto the target in the stable build. Have you tried locking the target after the other centurion finally started tracking the target? Otherwise you won't be able to lock onto the target which makes sense when taking into consideration the set up of the centurions. If you try to lock before the other centurion starts tracking the target then you won't start locking even after it started tracking once it does you have to unlock and start locking the target again. Then it should work.

Yoshi_E added a comment.EditedMay 21 2018, 2:29 PM

Ah yes, you probably did the mistake and placed the Target within the IR sensor range of the centurion, should have mentioned that. Even with Radar off, it can track targets that way.
Place the target outside the IR range (4km) and try again.

Here is the mission
[Folder: data_link_test.VR]

In this mission the AI can easily shoot down both choppers, but a player can only kill the chopper within its IR range.
AI can use data link info to shoot a target, while players can not.
On turrets this is not a big problem, but the same issue exists for jets, AA tanks or gunships.

Resolved in dev build Version: 1.83.144859


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