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Timer for explosives does not work for multiple explosives
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The timer for explosives does not work if multiple explosives are placed.

  • Setting the second explosive's timer and subsequent timers removes the action for setting those timers. Only the first explosive's action remains.
  • All the explosives detonate after the fastest timer runs out


No Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Thank you for the report. I tested it and it seems that it works as intended. Or perhaps I misunderstood what you meant exactly? If I misunderstood, could you please write a detailed reproduction of the issue or create a video of the issue and upload it here or send a link to the uploaded video?

It would be very helpful.

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When you stack explosives on themselves and one of them goes off it will trigger the rest that is how explosives work. If you spread them enough then the timer works as it should. Closing the ticket.

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Discrete timers should appear for each explosive.