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unconscious state breaks command action on other AIs
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When player is leader of AIs group. If any unsconscious AIs, the remaining alive AIs won't follow orders anymore (except regroup).


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

ARMA vanilla

  • Add a group on map. Player is leader.
  • name 3 units u1,u2,u3,
  • and in a radio trigger, (or what ever mean to run a code), write: {_x setUnconscious true} foreach [u1,u2,u3];

Run the preview in SP or MP (so you're in hosted server).

  • Command units to move away;
  • Call the code to make the three of them falling unconscious;
  • continue to command the group...

"Regroup" order works, "move there" doesn't work anymore:
instead of going away, the remaining units will regroup around an unconscious unit , no matter the direction you ordered!

See Video here:

Additional Information

Important Note:
It's "almost" the same if you replace setUnconscious true by setDamage 1 (killing units). Just test it!
At the very first seconds the units seems to rally a dead unit (regrouping), then follow your order when the "situational awareness" is broadcast inside the group. Dead units are ignored and the move order is correctly executed. On the contrary of their unconscious state, probably breaking the broadcast S.A.