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Vans from Laws of War doesn't cross the bridges
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Vans from Laws of War doesn't cross the bridges (tested it on Stratis Agia Marina), they try to cross the bridge but they stop in front of the bridge (or with the front wheels on the bridge), drive reverse, try it again, drive reverse and try it again and so on.
It seems they have fear to cross the bridge...


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

put a van on stratis agia marina
put a waypoint across on the other side of the bridge and let the van try to cross it

Additional Information

no new problem, did come already with the dlc laws of war
i opened already shortly after the dlc relase date a task, but can't find it anymore, but the problem still exist

Event Timeline

The same happens in the bridges of Malden and Tanoa, the vehicle Van can not cross the bridge ..

  • In the larger bridge of Tanoa connecting one island to another, this problem does not happen.