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Only the first player who enters Apc/Tank can trigger pop smoke defences
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Only the first player who enters an APC/Tank can pop the smoke defences. For exemple if a tank has 2 players inside, one is driver and one is set to command/gun in multiplayer. The commander/gunner has to jump in first as commander in order to be able to use smokes. If later when tank coming to a stop, the driver decides to go as commander while the other player is in gunner spot, the smoke ability will disapear for the commander, making it impossible to smoke (watch top right corner and you will see smoke ability disapearing).

Only step to zero this bug is all players have to leave the tank and let the commander jump in first. This zero mechanism must be done every time a new player switches to commander.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have 2 players board a tank/APC in multiplayer (one is going to be driver and the other one gunner/commander
  2. Commander switches to gunner spot from inside tank
  3. Driver switches to commander from inside tank
  4. Look top right ammo info box and the player switching to commander will see no possibility to pop smoke (text gets removed and option isnt there anymore)
Additional Information

Only way to zero this bug ingame is for all players after bug has been triggered is to leave vehicle and reenter first as commander.

Would be way easier if whoever jumps into commander spot has smoke. Im sure its intended that way. Very annoying bug that creates allot of annoying fiddeling back and forth.

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Ticket can be closed, as it's a duplicate of T148482, missing steps to repro, missing all possible cases and missing full list of vehicles concerned.

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