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Server crash when unloading Agent from some vehicles
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Using "moveOut" on Agent crashes game when used on some vehicles in Dedicated environment, see Repro for details.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

GLOBAL EXECUTE the below in dedicated server.

if (isDedicated) then {
	0 spawn {
		TAG_unit = createAgent ["C_man_1",((allPlayers select 0) getRelPos [5,0]),[],0,'NONE'];
		missionNamespace setVariable ["TAG_unit",TAG_unit,TRUE];
		uiSleep 3;
		TAG_unit moveInCargo TAG_vehicle;
		uiSleep 3;
		'moving out unit' remoteExecCall ['systemChat',-2];
		uiSleep 2;
		moveOut TAG_unit;      // ----- Game crash occurs here
} else {
	_type = 'i_mrap_03_f';
	TAG_vehicle = createVehicle [_type,(player getRelPos [25,0]),[],0,'NONE'];
	missionNamespace setVariable ["TAG_vehicle",TAG_vehicle,TRUE];
	TAG_vehicle setDir ((getDir player) - 180);

Event Timeline

If the moveOut command is executed where the Vehicle is local, there is no problem. However if it is executed from where the Vehicle is a remote entity, there can be a game crash. Does not appear to affect units "createUnit".

The repro block has the Vehicle local to the client, while the "moveOut" command is executed from the server.

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Cannot reproduce the crash 1.93.145618