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1: (minor) i reported an issue a while ago that seemed to go ignored where there was an update that changed the "use selected action" option in the controls to "open context menu or use selected action" meaning i cant have "use selected action" mapped to the left mouse button anymore or the menu will open instead of shooting.

2: (major) i'm also having a problem in the new tanks dlc where ai in tanks will no longer fire the cannons on their own i have to do it manually and ordering them to fire doesn't work.

3: (medium) I've also been having a problem since the helicopters dlc where the helicopters will loose all lift and drop out of the sky when trying to hover (using advanced flight mode), it happens very suddenly and its almost impossible to recover from and definitely not realistic.

4: (medium) since the jets update the vtols have been terrible to fly, if you move downwards too fast they nose dive or spin around, the flaps cant be moved unless auto vectoring is turned off and there's no way to quickly put the engines all the way up or all the way down like they used to

all these issues have been adding up every dlc update and are making the game worse and worse to play for me


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Windows 7 x64
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1: context menu problem is self explanatory

2: get in drivers seat of tank with AI in both the gunners seat and commanders seat
order AI to open fire and engage at will
AI will see the enemy tanks and aim at them but wont fire at them even when ordered
the only way it to get in the gunner seat or commander seat and fire manually

3: set advanced flight mode
try to sling load a vehicle using the huron (this heli seems to be the most prone to loss of lift, the least being the taru)
when trying to hover when the heli reaches almost 0 horizontal speed it will suddenly loose all lift and fall out of the sky and the only way to save it is to pitch or roll the heli to gain some horizontal speed to regain lift, increasing the throttle seems to have no effect when lift is lost

4: the vtols used to be able to raise and lower flaps whether auto hover was on and off but now will only let you when auto vectoring is turned on
changing the engines from vertical to horizontal takes multiple steps and cant be done in one step anymore which makes trying to land from a high speed very hard as you cant use the flaps and lowering the engines now takes a long time

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Please create separate tickets for each issue since some issue we are aware of and others are not related to one another.

Thank you.

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Create one ticket for each issue.