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Lase Target key does not function right.
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When pressing the "Lase Target" key, you're supposed to be given the range of the target correct?
However, when i'm in a tank and i use the "Lase Target" key the automatic targeting system kicks on and calculates the speed of the target.
I would much prefer to be able to range targets and then lead the shot the proper amount myself.
This especially becomes a problem if i switch from one target to another, as then the shot will land severly to the right or left of where i am aiming.
How i understood this system should work is the, "Lock Target" key should activate the automatic targeting system, not the "Lase Target" key.
However using the "Lock Target" key in a vehicle does NOTHING.

I will attach a link to a video where i press the "Lase Target" key which is binded as "Y" for me, and then move onto the stationary target to shoot it.
Again my keybindings are:
Lase Target : Y
Lock Target: T


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Windows 10
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you must shortly tap the lase-key once, in order to just calculate the distance.
if you hold it and follow the path of the target, the FCS will also calculate the correction to the side.

oukej added a subscriber: oukej.Apr 16 2018, 9:46 AM

You can dump the lead by manually adjusting the zeroing one notch up or down (whichever is closer) after the range has been lased.

@madpat3 - it's just one tap for everything. Holding the key down has no additional functionality - both elevation and deflection get adjusted after a single tap (and a small delay).

You can dump the lead by manually adjusting the zeroing one notch up or down (whichever is closer) after the range has been lased.

That doesn't sound like the key is functioning as it should, it should only give you the distance.
Manually having to lower and increase zeroing to get it right afterwards is an inconvenience.
Afterall this is a bug report, not trying to find a workaround and instead a fix.

oukej added a comment.EditedApr 16 2018, 12:48 PM

"Lase range" is the action used for ranging (simple rangefinder) and setting the FCS (zeroing or zeroing and lead). The extent of the functionality depends on the actual weapon.

"Lock target" is only intended for locking by guided munitions and marking by vehicle sensors.

I think, what Shields means, is that you should seperate zeoring from "lead-zeoring".
best way to do that, would be as i said before:

-holding the lase key and following the target: FCS calculates distance AND lead.
-single (quick) tap on the lase key: FCS only calculates the distance.

oukej added a comment.Apr 16 2018, 8:53 PM

I am sorry, there's no further development planned on the feature :/ Even though the suggestion is nice. "Hold key" actions have been somewhat problematic in Arma due to the tech. limitations.

You can find more info about the feature development, iterations and design here: