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Offroad: cosmetic backpacks not affected by fog
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The Offroad vehicles have a Virtual Garage appearance option to display backpacks hanging on the sides of the vehicle.
When in foggy conditions, these backpacks aren't properly visually affected by the fog, resulting in them standing out as dark shapes against the fog. Example screenshots attached.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up the Arma 3 Eden editor. I'm on A3 Stable 1.80.143869.
  2. Spawn an ordinary Offroad.
  3. Open the appearance options for the vehicle and make sure "hide backpacks" is unchecked (if the backpacks are visible you've done it right)
  4. In the mission Environment options, turn the fog way up.
  5. Move the camera away from the vehicle, far enough that the fog obscures it.
  6. Note that the backpacks are still clearly visible.
Additional Information

A3 Stable Branch, 1.80.143869

All Offroad variants that have the option to show backpacks are affected.

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Thank you for the report, we will have a look at it.

Wulf added a comment.Mar 27 2018, 3:38 PM

This should be fixed in the next Dev branch.

This was fixed and can be marked as resolved.

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