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setObjectTexture with procedural texture render to texture, doesn't adjust aspect ratio
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when using setObjectTexture and a procedural texture such as a picture in picture to adjust the aspect ratio has no effect.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Pro 1709
Steps To Reproduce
  1. create a camera with a render to target param
  2. set the texture of a given object to the render target with the aspect ratio to something else
  3. observe
Additional Information

Have tried adjusting game aspect ratio, no changes (with restarts to the game but no pc)
Seems to be fixed at 16:9
here is a mission i made as well as 3 videos with different settings of the mission (different render to target tags and random selection of ratios) (same render to target tag and random selection of ratios) (same render to target tag and orderly selection of ratios) (the mission)

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Lala14 created this task.Mar 21 2018, 12:01 AM
Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Mar 21 2018, 4:12 PM


Thank you for the report. Could you please upload the mission you used for the test?

Thank you.

the mission should be in the additional information part, either way here it is again

Wulf added a comment.Mar 22 2018, 11:09 AM

Aaah sorry my bad.