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RC 1.82 - Marshall GPR-T rounds zeroed above 2500 m are fired with too low elevation
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In the RC of 1.82 the Marshall's GPR-T rounds have faulty zeroing above the 2500 m step. Above this value, the fired rounds impact with strikingly lower elevation.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 1709
Steps To Reproduce

In the Marshall's Gunner position, select GPR-T rounds and compare the impacts of shots fired below and above 2500 m zeroing.

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Could you please add a screenshot or a video of the issue that would be very helpful.

Thank you.

Here you go. Notice how the rounds zeroed at 2600 m impact much closer than the rounds zeroed at 2400 m.

Hello Bohemia. Today I tested this issue in the RC of Update 1.86 and the issue is still NOT FIXED!
I also discovered that the same Target Zeroing-issue affects the AH-99 Blackfoot's HE Minigun cannon.

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Vitdom added a comment.May 5 2019, 9:50 AM

The issue is still the same in v1.92