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Vehicle tilt in wrong direction when accelerating
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When you accelerate a wheeled vehicle in Arma 3, doesnt matter which, the whole vehicle tilts in the wrong direction.
Normally the front of a vehicle moves up when you accelerate and the back goes down. (Thats why you can do a wheelie with enough horse power)
But in Arma 3 the front of a vehicle moves down and the back moves up when you accelerate.

Looks like tracked vehicles dont have the problem.

I am using the latest stable version 1.80.143869


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Place a vehicle in the Editor and accelerate.
Look in 3rd person on the side of a vehicle and accelerate.
You can see this very good on the quadbike.

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Can't confirm issue on RC 1.82.144457, or it has been fixed.

Oh, you are right in the RC release the problem is fixed.
Probably due to the PhysX update.
That's nice.

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It seems that this was fixed in the process.