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Modified data files kicking me out at random connections
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1 times on 10, when coding on my mission (and rebooting the dedicated server), I reconnect, load the new mission, and then get ejected by BattleEye.
I have to restart the game each time it's doing me that.
The message : "Max : Max uses modified data files - C\Users\......\AppData\Local\Arma3\MPMissionsCache\__cur_mp.pbo" appears in the chatbox.

I think the "__cur_mp.pbo" should be destroyed automatically, but sometimes it is not.
If you try to delete it manually from its folder, you can't because Arma 3 is using the file and Windows does not allow it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

1 - Go on dedicated server, download custom mission (like Altis Life), and spawn as a player,
2 - Edit the mission,
3 - Restart the server while connected to it,
4 - Connect and load mission files,
5 - At the end of mission files load, it can randomly kick you out of the server with written in chat : "Max : Max uses modified data files - C\Users\......\AppData\Local\Arma3\MPMissionsCache\__cur_mp.pbo".

Additional Information

Video :

Note : the "jump" you see in the video (at 0:32) is due to a back window, not related to the bug.

Screenshot :

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How big is the mission? Are you using any other mods?

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As you can see in the video, the mission size is 21,8Mb.
There are only Altis Life needed mods on the server : @extDB3 and @life_server // No clientside mod

Thanks for your answer

you are probably using some mods

you are probably using some mods

that's what I thought at the beginning but it seems not to be that