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AI is not reporting/healing leg wound and other.
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When a AI soldier is hit to his leg, he can't run, he can only walk slowly. But he is also not reporting his wound, which is very annoying, especially in case of squad leaders.
AI is also not capable of using his own medikit - even in "all clear" situation - without a propper commander's order. Even a medic is not treating himself without propper order.

My suggestions:

  • Modify the AI to recognize and report leg wound.
  • Give the AI an opportunity to heal own wounds autonomously.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
1709 (16299.248)
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  • In Eden editor, put somewhere an infantry group with medic and make sure that you are not in command.
  • Give the group commander any waypoint.
  • Play.
  • Shoot commander and any other soldier to leg.
  • Watch them walk and not reporting/healing their wounds.

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we are aware of the issue.

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Any status update?