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MX SW fire selector is inverted
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Note in the pictures below, fire selector set on semi auto, top right HUD indicates (truthfully) full.

And set on full, top right HUD indicates (truthfully) semi auto.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Equip MX SW, get the gun up, look down towards the fire selector

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From which part of the game is this taken? I am testing the MX SW and there is no such problem either in the Dev branch or the Stable release of the game.

Hello Wulf, sorry I didn't do this sooner but I didn't have access to the game to try and reproduce the issue.

When I tried it was a modded version of the game in a multiplayer game. Could have been caused by desync etc.

Regardless after attempting to reproduce the issue in a vanilla game I could not.

So I guess false alarm. Sorry about that.

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No problem. We are grateful that you let us know.