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Lock on malfunction
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Playing around with the vehicles in the new tank DLC (good job BTW) I ran into problems with the lock on system. It would not lock on to vehicles, I investigated a bit and it happened to tanks, personal launchers and planes. It was also rather random, sometimes there would be no problems, other times there it would happen after a reload (of the weapon, not the game) and other times it could be resolved by reloading.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
8.1 KB4074594 - security related update as of 9/3/18
Steps To Reproduce

I took no specific steps to get the problem, I just launched an editor mission or the arsenal and had the problem.

Additional Information

though not certain there are some things that might be factors:

1: I have rebound the control, still on the keyboard not some controller, switching back didn't work but maybe some wires gets crossed first time you unbind
2: Dev-branch - stuff is bound to break, it what it is there for
3: systems such as the radar don't seem to pick up the treat or vehicle so it might be the sensors system

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Rawn created this task.Mar 9 2018, 11:33 PM
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Were you trying to lock onto an enemy while being behind an object? Is there really no specific situation regarding this issue with a 100% repro?

Rawn added a comment.Mar 16 2018, 7:25 PM

Sorry about the late reply

No I was standing on top of a hill aiming at several types of vehicles, Tanks, Cars, and APC's. about 800 meters away. I didn't test in other environments.

Another important thing to note is that I have no problems locking on to jets if and only if I am using a radar guided missile and they are on the radar. Thus it might be the sensors system I don't know however.

Wulf added a comment.Mar 20 2018, 5:09 PM

Which launchers did you test?

Rawn added a comment.Mar 21 2018, 7:17 PM

The AT Nyx,
The Titan short
and the PCML

all of them had problems.

Wulf added a comment.Mar 22 2018, 11:12 AM

Hmm tested it and they seem ok. PCML locks as always, the only reason the Nyx and Titan wouldn't lock is that the target couldn't be detected by the IR trackers that both have. Will have a look at it further.

Vitdom added a subscriber: Vitdom.Mar 23 2018, 3:55 PM