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Arma 3 Crash C0000005 ACCESS VIOLATION at 8000A90E during Mulitplayer
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I am getting a "bad_info_module" crash every time that I join any server. Then Arma crash reporter says it is an ACCESS Violation. This crash happens every time I try to join a server. It is reproducible. I have tried verifying game files, I have the exe files set to disable full screen optimizations, I have ran in compatibility for windows 8, I changed all files from read only, I ran all programs as an admin, I updated graphics drivers and reverted them, I disabled windows game mode, nothing is working. I can play single player all day long, just no join a multiplayer server.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Join any server.

Additional Information

To be noted that I have never had a problem with Arma before and it ran just fine, then suddenly this started happening.

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Thank you for the report. Does this occur with mods disabled?

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hi i have same problem, and game crash with mods disabled

i think to find problem. Check if your profil's files isn't "read only"

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