0xC0000409 - STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN - Mission Export or Mission Load
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When exporting a mission to SP or MP with items on the map, the game will crash. showing '0xC0000409 - STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN'
I also face the error when attempting to load the mission exported via PBO Manager, on my dedicated server.
Mods are loaded in this crash, but I have tried without mods and face the same issue.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Pro x64 Build 1176
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

(This may not work for you, it might be a localised problem with my pc)
Load up arma, editor, stratis (or any map really) and save & export to SP/MP the blank map. It will export. Add one item (unit, building etc) and attempt to export again crashes the game (CTD).

Additional Information

Working up to today when issue arose. Have reinstalled Arma 3 already

[EDIT]: Error only appears when exporting mission running Arma 3 64-Bit on 1.80. Running 1.76 64-Bit is fine but the Wasteland mission uses features from 1.8

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Thank you for the report. I see that you use a lot of mods does the error occur without the mods? Also, could you please send the mission that is causing the issue?

Thank you.

Yes, the issue occurs with no mods loaded. I'm not at my home PC at the moment but this issue from memory occurs with any mission I have loaded into the editor. I will upload it when possible.

Thanks :)

In the .7z file is the two test missions I created with a single item placed into the world.

The original crash was witnessed in my A3Wasteland mission here:

Thanks :)

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I have noticed that the game does not CTD when running 32-Bit. It only crashes when Arma is running 64-Bit.

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Hmm it doesn't crash to me. One user had a problem similar to you. Try their solution which is here.

Sadly that solution doesn't work

I have reverted to 1.76 to see if the recent update/s has caused it somehow. in 1.76 i can export the test mission without crashing. So something has changed (or at least, on my end) between 1.76 and 1.80 that is causing this, but the question is what?

Only issue running legacy is that it denies me the ability to play on servers, all of which I play on are current release.

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