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Complete windows crash after playing mission in editor
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Hello, I was going to go and play a mission in mp via the editor and my windows system shut down.
I've had this happen twice, and nothing windows related seems to be giving me any information as to why.
Arma 3 is the only game / software that I've had this happen.

Mission being played:



Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
10.0.16299 Build 16299
Steps To Reproduce

1 : Play mission in multiplayer via editor
2 : System completely shuts down

Additional Information

Only has ever happened when trying to play multiplayer mission in the editor (Eden editor)
Hardware Specs:
Geforce Gtx 1080 (Gpu)
i7 6700k (Cpu)
Gigabyte H110M-A (Mobo)

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Thank you for the report. I tried your mission with our stable and internal build. Both times I was able to launch the game in MP, no crash occured.

But there was a script error that showed

15:20:06 Error in expression <[_this] call maas_fnc_sector;>
15:20:06   Error position: <maas_fnc_sector;>
15:20:06   Error Undefined variable in expression: maas_fnc_sector

Which means that there is a wrong variable used in this part of the code. Is this a custom made function? Because I am not recognizing it.

hey wulf sorry for the late response, that error was fixed later on and did not cause any problems later on. Still having this issue, going to see if i can pull some windows logs.

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