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createVehicle ModuleCurator_F - Duplicate Dialogs
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When creating a ModuleCurator_F via the createVehicle command, the Zeus ends up with 2 dialogs for every action. When clicking on a unit, the unit popup appears allowing you to change stance, rank, health, etc. but upon clicking OK a dialog is still present with the original values selected. This is an annoyance when dealing with units but makes editing the cargo of boxes impossible as the second dialog is always empty.


Operating System
Windows 10
Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a mission without a Game Master module
  2. Use a script to create ModuleCurator_F via createVehicle.
  3. Place a unit or box
  4. Open the properties for the placed unit

This effect is the same for pre-placed units.

Additional Information

The code I am using can be found at
Others I have talked to using slightly different scripts have also had this issue.

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brett created this task.Jan 22 2018, 5:49 PM
brett added a comment.Apr 15 2018, 1:41 PM

Is there any chance this is going to be looked at?

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Could you please upload the test mission you used?

Thank you.

brett added a comment.Jul 27 2018, 2:38 PM

The nature of the bug has changed. Instead of the dual dialogs, I am now unable to open a single dialog via a scripted Zeus. This mission contains both a scripted and editor placed game master. Play in multiplayer and use the scripted zeus, place down a supply box and you will be unable to edit it's contents. Do the same thing with the editor placed zeus and everything works as expected.

brett edited Additional Information. (Show Details)Jul 14 2021, 10:59 PM