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BI Launcher not checking for nested mods in workshop folder
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For some reason, in the workshop folder, nested mods are not scanned (when mod updates via steam).
In locally watched folders they are.

This isn't normally an issue until you have mods that come along with compatibility mods (ACE3 being the main one)


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Subscribe to the ACE3 mod
  2. Download
  3. Observer optional mods not found
  4. Move the @ace3 folder to a local watched folder
  5. Observe the optional folder mods show up
Additional Information

Of course, it would be awesome to have these shown as linked in some way.

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Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Jan 17 2018, 12:49 AM

It all depends on how you moved the folder with ACE3 mod, or any other mod.
If everything is done correctly, there will be no problems with checking any mods.

john681611 updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 18 2018, 11:13 AM

The issue occurs when the mod is updated by steam. though when I copy the mod back into the workshop folder it still doesn't pick up the optional mods

We do not support this scenario, one workshop item should contain exactly one mod. Optional mods can authors publish as separate workshop items dependent on the main one.

BISWizard closed this task as Resolved.Jan 18 2018, 5:10 PM
BISWizard claimed this task.
Lex removed a subscriber: Lex.Aug 8 2018, 1:54 PM