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I can play the game for a few minutes, and after I get the first error, it occurs event faster. Finally the game become unplayable. This problem occurred after i updated to Windows 10 1709.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Start the game and play on a random server.

Additional Information

I have tried to enable "Disable full screen optimizing", run the game in 32 bit and lower the grapich settings.

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Thank you for the report. Some users have reported that disabling the Win10 Gaming mode fixed the problem, could you please try this and let us know?

Thank you.

PS: Also you have the -noLogs parameter enabled meaning we can't see in the logs what was going on before the crash occurred. Please remove the parameter, trigger the crash and then send us your Arma report, thank you.

I get this error sometimes and i dont have gamemode active.

For others :
Open Arma
press Win + G
Go to settings
There is a new Window where you can set the gamemode individual for Arma 3

Game mode didn't solve mye problem.
It took longer time for the error to occur today. Here is a new report with -nolog parameter disabled :)

Reinstalling the game fixed the problem.

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