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difficulty deploying bipods on parapet of military cargo towers
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Why can't bipod deployment on the roof of military cargo towers (Land_Cargo_Tower_V#_F) work as smoothly as it does on military cargo HQ buildings (Land_Cargo_HQ_V#_F)? The parapets on both types of structure seem physically identical, yet on the HQ roof you can deploy anywhere along the parapet, but only at a few discrete locations on the tower roof.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce
  1. In Eden, on any map, create a playable character and place down any of the military cargo HQ buildings (Land_Cargo_HQ_V*_F) alongside any of the military cargo towers (Land_Cargo_Tower_V*_F). Then jump into single player test mode.
  2. Deploy a rifle bipod at any location along the parapet of the military cargo HQ; be content that you can do this at any location.
  3. Prepare yourself for frustration and disappointment.
  4. Attempt to deploy along the parapet of the military cargo tower and discover there are only 1 or 2 tiny slivers of the parapet where this is even possible, but when you do find one of these sweet spots the available field of fire is ridiculously restricted.

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Thank you for the report. Could you please create a video of the issue?

dmorchard added a comment.EditedJan 8 2018, 4:19 PM

Video of the desired behaviour as it occurs on a typical cargo HQ building: Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F

Video of the actual behaviour on the roof of a typical cargo tower: Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F

...behaviour is consistent for all variants - Altis': "green", "brown", "rusty" and all numbered towers; Tanoa's "jungle" tower.

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Thank you for the report. We will have a look at it.

Is there any chance this'll be resolved in the Tanks DLC?

This is still an issue in Dev Build 1.95.145746.

Hi @Astaroth. I just want to make sure this issue isn't overlooked.

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