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AI no longer fires at practice target
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The AI no longer fires at the practice targets


No Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
ArmA 3 stable 10th of december 2017
AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce
  • Set a practice target
  • Name it target1
  • Set a rifleman
  • In the init of the rifleman: this dotarget target1; this dofire target1;
Additional Information

It used to work before - no longer now.

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This is on the wiki paige for the command doFire

Order the given unit(s) to fire on the given target (without radio messages). The target is set with doTarget or commandTarget. The target can be a unit or a vehicle, but not an object.

Practice target is an object not a unit nor a vehicle. So the command is working as it should. I also talked with the designers about this and they confirmed it as well.

Wiki added a comment.Dec 12 2017, 11:51 PM

Hello Wulf.
Ok, I get that.
However, it DID work before - that's why I reported it as an issue, because it did work fine but not anymore.

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That is really odd. Seems it didn't work as it should.

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