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Showcase mission “Vehicles” not works
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Did you played Showcase mission “Vehicles“? Seems after all previous updates during last months it doesn’t work anymore & player is not able to destroy NATO MRAPS, grenades cant destroy them even if you fire all of them on one of the enemy cars.

Also after that I failed to destroy cars, which is inevitable, I reached extraction boat then viper team called for help, when I was mounting on boat, I remember they called sooner in previous versions of the game & seems timing is bugged here.
I love official SP missions & pre-purchased new Tac-Op DLC.


No Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1- play “Vehicles” showcase mission.
2- try to destroy enemy cars using your stolen car in task 2.
3- as you see you cant destroy them even if u use all grenades, & if u do later, u fail this task.
4- try to end mission by reaching extraction boat, but as u see viper team calls for help too late.

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Thank you for the report. I tested this Showcase in our Stable build and it works.

"player is not able to destroy NATO MRAPS"

Destroy doesn't mean blow up. You can damage all three of them and the objective will trigger. I was able to save 31 grenades like this.

"I reached extraction boat then viper team called for help"

If you destroy the vehicles as you should, Viper Green will call you immediately. :)

Wulf changed Resolution from Open to No Bug.Nov 13 2017, 6:56 PM

Ok you are right about that, I did it with saving even 33 grenades!
But it’s still a bug that you can’t destroy an MRAP with all of your grenades. Game damage system still has issues. You even spawned that radio tower with heavy damage to make it possible to be destroyed by explosive, so game damage system has important issues.
I wanted to help you make this game better hope you convey this to developers.