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Crash private Server.

2 Player with Ai

some Mods where active

Crash Report


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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have you already tried to verify the integrity of your game cache with Steam?

If yes, then try to delete the launcher directory in the Arma 3 directory and re-verify the integrity of your game cache (will download the deleted launcher files again).

I come from a clean windows 10 installation, so also my Arma 3 is a fresh installation!

BUT: I copied all the .Arma3Profile, .cfg and .json from my old Arma 3 before my fresh installation! And i remember that this was causing crashes... So i deleted all the files and let them generate by the game again.
I will try that tonight!

But sorry BIS i dont want to configure my ARMA 3 all over again every time i reinstall ARMA3/Windows! Please make the Profiles "copyable"!

I will report any changes! Thanks Wulf!

Well yesterday i played the same mission (4 Players, a lot of AI) for 5 hours without any crash/freeze...

Perhaps it is resolved with deleting the profiles?!?!
Can it be?

Wulf added a comment.Nov 14 2017, 11:23 AM

In theory it could. I have encountered some oddities that were related to profiles before, but just to be safe keep playing the game and four days from now let me know if the crash has/hasn't occurred.

Thank you.

We played 3 matches in the last 2 weeks, everytime about 3 -5 hours long.
No freezes or crashes...

Perhaps delting the profile files worked.

But this needs to be fixed, i dont want to configure my whole game (key and controller bindings + graphics + audi + hud) everytime i reinstall windows or ARMA3! This could also avoid problems that other players have.