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Visual Glitches
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  1. Smoke effects have been tampered with in the latest update. Smoke effects need to be reverted back from previous updates. Smoke effects start off normal when a vehicle is burning, but abruptly reduced into a tiny smoke trail which doesn't look normal. The smoke trail tries to build back up but randomly is reduced causing an overall visual glitch.
  • The original smoke effect looked perfect with a solid trail of smoke that builds up and gently disperses in the air.
  1. Helipad lights randomly doesn't produce a glow it used to have in the past. The helipad lights blink with a low light and no glow which makes them useless for spotting. Sometimes the helipads produce a light and glow, but for the most part don't when you start or restart a mission.
  • Originally the helipad lights always produced a glow and solid lighting effect which was very useful for landing and overall spotting from a distance, especially at night.
  1. Burning Barrel fire and campfire burning lighting is too low. Light source is high above the burning object. Light source must be lowered to the actual object to give off a proper ambient lighting effect.
  • Originally campfire and burning barrel lighting looked normal and light source or perfectly attached to the object. Producing proper ambient lighting at night.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Helipad Light Glitch : Place multiple helipad lights at night, sometimes they will blink and glow normally, sometimes they blink with no glow, low light. Happens randomly.

Smoke Effect Glitch : Place one or multiple vehicles set to explode, the smoke effect starts off normal but randomly is reduced to a tiny smoke trail unnatural smoke effect.

Campfire & Burning Barrel Glitch : Place a burning barrel or campfire burning at night. The light effect source is either very low or the light effect source is too high above the object. Light source must to be lowered to the actual object to produce ambient light.

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  1. already fixed.

The issue is still there on stable.

Jup. But reportedly fixed on dev an perf/prof.

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  1. As mentioned with next proper update should be fixed
  1. "randomly doesn't produce a glow it used to have" without a 100% repro there isn't much we can do since it seems it is rare and I was not able to reproduce the issue.
  1. Could you provide an image or video for comparison? If there is indeed a difference we will have a look at it.