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Toggle for raise and lower weapon will not be in .63
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Raise and lower weapon toggle has been in most Arma games, and they should still allow for the current bindings to be available instead of removing ways of binding things. In the new dev log video Eugen talked about how you cannot toggle raise weapon and lower weapon this makes the game more clunky in my opinion, as I will now have to hold down a button to raise weapon, so devs please allow for the current binding set up to allow legacy players to bind raise and lower weapon to a toggle. Don't remove the option to have raise weapon on hold, but just add another option so you can bind raise weapon and lower weapon on toggle.

Pardon my terrible structuring of my paragraph.

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Hello UnknownEntity and thank you for your feedback.
We do not plan adding the toggle option for raise arms/ironsight aim into the game for the 63 version as it is a design decision to have these actions on the hold keys.
Our lead designer Peter has gone more into depth about this topic in yesterdays status report -


UnknownEntity added a comment.EditedSep 27 2017, 10:56 PM

Why not have both options? The controls of a game should be completely customizable to allow players to choose which set up is more comfortable, not to force players to play the game differently to perform the same actions. I do not see why there can't be another option (other than limitations of the engine) just to toggle raise and lower weapon, or to aim down sights? What about zoom view, if that comes back where will you bind it? It just gets more complicated for a player here.

Out of context:
Hey Geez, I have added a few other explanations for the problem with the mouse sensitivity scaling on my other post. T126158