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MH-9 incorrect RPM in AFM
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The MH-9 series (including AH-9 and M-900) all have incorrect RPM when the engine is running at normal conditions.

When the helicopter is on the ground with collective full down, N1 is at 84%, N2 is at 91%; there's no needle for rotor RPM on the in-game panel but if it's coupled with N2 then it should be at 91% as well.

But realistically speaking, both N1 and N2 should be aiming at 100%, the same goes for rotor RPM.

in-game N2 and rotor RPM:

in-game N1:

The problem with the current ARMA model is that when you're making aggressive manoeuvres, the N2 will easily fall below the green zone and "RPM light" will go red.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce

Start the game with no mods.
Enable Advanced Flight Model.
Open Editor.
Place an MH-9 Hummingbird.
Start the engine and wait for it to reach operating RPM.

Additional Information

Compare this with the Light helicopter in Take On Helicopters, the TKOH model has N2 at 100%, N1 at about 102%.

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Sam_Fisher edited Additional Information. (Show Details)Sep 21 2017, 8:08 PM

Hi, thanks for the notice!
I ran a quick editor test, the RPM does look normal now for all xM-9.

However the short needle behaviour for N1 has changed from the previously properly simulated manner to the strange behaviour as in TKOH....
Well, it's not like that matters...

I think this should count as solving the problem. I'll do some more detailed tests later.

Sam_Fisher changed Severity from Minor to Trivial.Oct 6 2017, 2:42 PM
Gazoo added a subscriber: Gazoo.Dec 2 2017, 3:41 AM

Sam I have noticed Nr is still hunting quite a bit depending on the rotor being loaded or unloaded and could use your input here