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Zafir with RCO scopes lets you look into your model
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When you prone and start to look upwards while using the Zafir Lmg with either the ARCO RCO (the non-reddot) you start to see the inside of you player model.
This also happens on some angles when you stand or crouch. You need to have your bipod deployed.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into the editor (VR is probably best)
  2. Place an Opfor Autorifleman and equip him with a ARCO or RCO
  3. Go prone, deploy bipod and start to move you aim upwards.
Additional Information

The Apex version of the 2 scopes mentioned above also suffer from this issue. The MRCO and the ERCO work fine.

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@Mocane or @Wulf
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