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The wind is starting to get a big obnoxious, it always sounds like a hurricane and then I will hit a pocket where there is no ambient sound at all. I never have a time I play without the wind just blowing 100% at full force. Below is the wind in my game all the time, the worst is when there is someone right next to me and they say the tree are not moving and there is not wind..


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Hello theclassifiedrebel and thank you for the report.
The issue with the wind not being sychnronised between the clients is known and currently works as intended (this may change for the future stages of development). As for the other issues, could you try to make a video of those pockets with no ambient sound that you are experiencing? Also, do the pockets always appear in the same place or do you experience them at various places?

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That is good to hear, is it true that that is a client side feature? I am not really sure if it is the same place since it seems to happen in random pockets in the woods, mostly on the west side of the map. but there are been times where I have turned around and the dead spot is still there, when I hit it the sound drop instantly and then when I get through it the sound slowly returns. I will have to keep an eye out and keep track of where spots are and log them for you. The link below is a video where the wind was lighter but then dropped volume, it was still there but it was a drop, not the best example but this was close to the tents in the west. sorry I have the game volume down so much compared to my mic but viewers complain about the wind sound so I have to have the game volume low, so you will probably have to have your volume up, lol.

What about how loud it is compared to other sounds? is that something that will be balanced out?

*Correction looking back at some I came across one and it is only the wind that is cutting out, the birds are still there.

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Thank you theclassifiedrebel.
Yes, currently it is a client side feature. We will look into the issue with the wind sound suddenly dropping as shown on your video and also into the issue with the wind sound pockets you have mentioned. In case you manage to capture the wind sound pocket issue on a video, please post it in here as it would help us a lot in testing the issue.

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Hello theclassifiedrebel.
We have confirmed the issue with the cutting off sounds/wind pockets and the issue is going to be addressed in the future stages of development. As for the wind volume itself, the volume is intended to be at this level and there are no plans to change it at this moment, but there may be some changes to it in the future.

ok. Well I have the wind at that volume 99% of the time I am gaming. Is the wind supposed to be blowing like that 100% of the time?

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Hello theclassifiedrebel.
The wind volume is indeed supposed to be at this level. We have tested the wind thoroughly and also did not find anything out of ordinary about the wind volume level in the videos you have provided. However, as I have mentioned, this may be tweaked and changed in the future again.

Forgot to mention that that is also from my stream and the game effects sound volume is at 50%