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Arma 3 crash - Exception code: C0000094 INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO at 02143A2C
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This crash started after Jets/Malden release and is related to Eden editor.

Right click in Eden with vehicle spawned or not would cause game to hang and crash eventually with some delay.

Sometimes it crashes on first right click sometimes not, its hard to say when it will crash exactly, but it will eventually.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Creators Update
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  • Load Arma 3 with some mods ( vehicles/weapons )
  • Open Eden editor and spawn some vehicle
  • Right click to move camera anywhere
  • Observe the game hang and crash
Additional Information

This was not happening before the mentioned DLC's were released, and is less likely to happen if one uses 32bit exe than 64bit, but will crash on both sooner or later.

Crash report attached.

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Jastreb created this task.Aug 7 2017, 12:00 PM

Forgot to mention that I verified game cache and tried deleting profile, none of that helped.

And it happens without mods too. AV was disabled when the last crash occured.

Jastreb changed Reproducibility from Random to Always.Aug 7 2017, 12:10 PM

Another crash this time in 2d map mode.

Two vehicle spawned in map mode (M) edited attributes once, and when I tried second time it crashed with the same error.

Attaching report logs.

Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.Aug 10 2017, 1:10 PM


Thank you very much for the report. We will have a look at this issue.

From the reports it seems that the updated game is having issues with the mod itself. Could you please send me a report of the crash with the mods disabled?

Jastreb added a comment.EditedAug 10 2017, 5:26 PM

Exception code: C0000094 INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO at 02143A2C

This was likely caused by incompatibility of MSI Afterburner with latest system updates ( CU update and Aug 8 patch).

Yesterday I had a popup saying that RTSS ( Riva Tuner Statistics Server 6 ) was not compatible with this version of windows (message came from system not the application) so I shut it down and search for update... no new stable available but there is 4.4.0 beta 12 with RTSS 7.0 and it works - no more system warning about incompatibility, and Arma isn't crashing anymore so far.

Must test more to be sure and update the ticket, but I also changed some startup parameters such as:

Allocator : -malloc=system / -hugePages / -noLand

I will report back when new crash occurs with and without mods.

Note: I am not playing in MP but testing mods locally

Jastreb added a comment.EditedAug 10 2017, 11:24 PM

Crashes again on stable (didn't check on dev) with mods error is the same, w/o mods first time it didn't crash, and the last time it crashed with error 0x00000FF - Unknown with MSI Afterburner OSD or without it, so that is not the cause...

Hope that helps, and I hope for a solution.

Wulf added a comment.Aug 14 2017, 5:45 PM

Our programmers looked at the issues and the reports.

They said that they are odd in that the crashes happened with a left mouse button down event which means you must have done something with the left mouse button not right mouse button.

  • Regarding this, it would be good to know exactly what you are doing when the game crashes. Because it clashes with your report.
  • "Two vehicle spawned in map mode (M) edited attributes once, and when I tried second time it crashed with the same error." You are certain that you did nothing else?

Also, it seems the crash was because of some number was divided by 0 but there is no calculation anywhere close to what is inside the dumps you send us.

  • We ask you to confirm that Arma 3 crashes without the mods. To test this out it would be best to test it with a pure Arma 3 game, not just with the mods disabled, to see if the issue still persists even with a pure install.

To test this out it would be best to test it with a pure Arma 3 game, not just with the mods disabled, to see if the issue still persists even with a pure install


I verified game integrity over and over again, deleted profile and made a fresh one, tried without mods and its crashing. If your programmers looked at the report they would see that last few errors were not division by zero but 0x00000ff unkown.

Game is crashing if I right click in eden editor (one has to move the camera around so you can't avoid it) sometimes, sometimes not. But it more does than not, so its rather annoying or I wouldn't be here. And yes I left clicked after right click, because I wanted to do something else and not have RMB menu in eden. But game hangs about there, so I am not sure if it crashes after right or left click.

I don't play much MP I am just testing the mods. I have "the pure game"...

I am currently on RC but I will switch back today and see if it still happens and send another report. If it helps anything no other game does this, they don't crash at all.

Crashes on stable again, clean revalidated Arma3 without any mods or DLL's present. MSI Afterburner no running. No other overlay software loaded.

  • open eden editor, and place a nato jet on the runway on Stratis
  • right click to move camera around and observe right click menu control appear
  • left click or try to move camera around, and see how it crashes

Wulf added a comment.Oct 12 2017, 4:56 PM


There was a couple of updates of the game since our last communication. Could you please let us know if the crashes still persist?

Thank you.

@Wulf The issue no longer seems to be present, can close the ticket. Thanks for follow trough.

Wulf closed this task as Resolved.Oct 25 2017, 10:25 AM
Wulf claimed this task.

Great! Good to hear that is is okay. Also, thank you for letting us know. :)

Closing ticket.