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[Feature Request] Missionnames Formatting removes %20 back to Spacebars etc.
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If you want to use downloaded missions from Steam Workshop on your dedicated server, all "Spacebars" (or other special symbols) in missionname shown in a unfavorable cryptic "%20" format. This makes the missionlist very confusing!
Here an example:

Rename the PBO files directly causes strange server problems (crashes or heavy slow down...). UnPBO via ArmaTools doesnt works as well. There some other tools to UnPBO but this cant be the answer and also takes lot of time.

Feature-Request: The %20 etc. should be detected by Arma and corrected back into the source filename like they are named on Steam!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. subscribe a mission with spacebars or other special symbols in the name
  2. copy & paste it in your MP-Missions folder (Host)
  3. check missionlist ingame and see the cryptic names...

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RueLight renamed this task from Missionnames Formatting removes %20 to Spacebars etc. to [Feature Request] Missionnames Formatting removes %20 back to Spacebars etc..Jul 30 2017, 11:40 PM

that would make the life of server admin much easier

I second that.

If the missions makers were to use underscore key instead of space that would help.

Will make our lives a whole lot easier!