DayZ changing color calibration upon atl+tab or exiting
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Since updating to the windows 10 creator's update I have noticed that if I alt+tab or click exit of dayz it removes the color calibration of my monitors. Now dayz is the only game that does it so I do not know what the conflict is.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Creator's edition version 1703 os build 15063.483
Steps To Reproduce

alt=tab out of game or just click exit.

Additional Information

Worked with colormunki (calibrator hardware provider) and there is no issue on their end and said it is with that game since that is the only one I am having to issue with.

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I did notice that I clicked to launch the game but clicked on another program before dayz took my monitor and that I clicked the icon on the bottom to launch the game and the game was dark and I could not change it in the settings but when I alt tabbed out and even closed it my color calibration stayed normal. but when I launched it again normally it went back to changing it. not sure if it helps but just thought you may want the info.

took a windows 10 update 2 days ago and the issue seems to be fixed now. I will keep you posted.