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MQ-12 Falcon Guided Missile Glitch
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Hi, so I was fiddling around in the Editor and I noticed something odd when using the Falcon UAV and guided missiles. The reproduction should explain everything and you should be able to see what happens, but basically, when firing multiple guided missiles (Scalpel, DAGR) in rapid succession (without laser lock-on, they still follow crosshair) at a Varsuk, most divert mid-flight and fly off to who knows where, but then they try to turn back to where the crosshair is pointing, so you get a big explodey mess. I have now tested in vanilla and I am still experiencing the same problem. I also found out that it only takes at least 2 in rapid succession for the glitch to happen and it happens apparently in every case when you do this following procedure (more info in additional section).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1607 Build 14393.1358
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

I have the scenario I used saved in the Workshop, so I guess it's viable. The link is .
Steps to Reproduce My Initial Findings:

  1. Hook up Falcon to UAV Terminal
  2. Fly Falcon to around 250m above the original spot (auto-hover is preferable).
  3. Locate Varsuk on the airstrip (orientation shouldn't matter as long as you can reasonably fire the missiles from the UAV at the tank).
  4. Equip the DAGR or the Scalpel, but do not engage laser lock-on.
  5. Fire 2 or more of them at the Varsuk (preferably keep the crosshair on the Varsuk to see what I described before, it happens every time, and the more missiles the more noticeable).

If done correctly, most should divert mid-flight and fly off. If the crosshair is left on the Varsuk (you can still zoom out), you should see some missiles (DAGRs, I don't know where Scalpels go) fly back and hit the hill to the left.

Also, as long as you don't lock to your laser, you can do this anywhere and at anything (if not, please prove me wrong), except probably at 0m or close to it, I haven't checked.

Additional Information

I haven't tested this with other UAVs or choppers or things that use such a mechanism, or against other tanks or vehicles in general, but I have even tried it against the ground and it still happens, so I assume that it should happen in every case (under these circumstances). The problem seems to disappear if you can manage a laser lock-on, though, so it's not completely broken. My original post was pretty haphazard, and I don't think I have the tools to be able to determine exactly what and why, but I'm just reporting this weird behavior and wonder if it is intentional (I would doubt) or not.

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Upon further thinking, I think this is pretty major, not so minor.

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fixed on dev.
also close this ticket (same issue)