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Active radar symbol persists on display after radar source has been destroyed
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The symbol of a target with active radar persists after destruction of target (and thus, radar source). It acquires a faded look, but is never removed. Obviously, a destroyed radar target cannot emit a radar signal anymore, and should thus be removed.


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Windows 10 x64
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Note sensor displays in all 3 cases:

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t.buur added a subscriber: t.buur.Jul 1 2017, 3:29 PM

Reason for this failure could be the same described in[[ | T125977]]

Yeah i think you're right, if i turn off datalink from the emitter then the symbol goes away after a few seconds (although it should go away instantly, as it does when the radar is turned off).

Happens with the cheetah and tigris too, not just the new turrets.

Repro mission:

The Kajman you're in is captive, so the 1C and Cheetah won't fire at you. 1C has default editor settings, Cheetah has EMCON forced on and all datalinks disabled.

Destroy them both and monitor your sensor display (recommend to set the display to 2 or 4KM). They should both remain displayed as radar sources. This remains the case with datalinks turned off for both.

However, delete the 1C, and run the mission again - you'll see that the radar emitter icon disappears after the cheetah is destroyed.