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Signature mismatch in Launcher with valid Mods
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When using the A3 Launcher the Browser says that all mods have a invalid signature.
All mods are downloaded from the steam workshop.
All keys are copied from the key folders
Starting the game with exactly the same mods and choosing the server through the ingame server browser the small icon is green and i can join succesfully.
All players hava the exact same problem.
If the keys on the server would be wrong or mismatching they should not be able to joins since verifysignature is set to 2.

The Server is started over a batch so no custom launcher.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Dedicated Server
Additional Information

Same issues but no real fix or explanation:

if any files are needed client and serverside just tell me and i can upload them

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As it seems its depending on that keys if i remove them the problem is gone but adding 1 of them reproduces the problem any idea?

I'm having the same issue, it's like we hit an "invisible" limit for the Arma 3 Launcher. Can still load all the correct mods, and start the game, and THEN join on the server. But it's still wierd when it gives Signature mismatch on the list. (Problem happens when adding 1 more key)

Actually not. Its tied to specific keys. I had tested that adding specific key triggers that problem.

Hmm, we did some more testing on our server, and did some deep digging on the internet, and it seems there's a limit to 25 keys on the server.
At least that's what we've got. Add 1 more key, and everything "breaks", removing any of the other keys will "fix" it.

im at maybe 15 keys. but adding any of the keys in that zip always breaks that system.

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Will there be any response from the Devs ?

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There is a size limit to the amount of data steam can transmit from server to launcher.
See server.cfg wiki a about the steam query data size limit thing.