Game freeze after 5-10 minutes
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dEfovsky, Fri, Jun 16


So last days it was so weird to play DayZ. First i got connection lost after 5-10 minutes of playing, after next patch i got memory error thing , now with recent patch my game freeze after 5-10 minutes and need to close it through task manager :( .


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Windows 10 x64
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Windows 10 pro
Game Freezes
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Hello dEfovsky and thank you for the report.
Are you using any startup parameters for the game executable? If so, try removing them as we do not support them and they can cause various issues within the game. Also, can you try to disable every program running in the background (including your antivirus software), run dayz and let us know if that had any effect on the issue?

Hey Geez
I was using startup parameters and after removing them Im not getting freezes anymore but there is another thing that came back :(. Connecion lost after 5-10 minutes :[, looting everything and suddenly im getting kicked to server browser menu. Is any chance u can help me with this problem?

DayZ.rar There is a DayZ folder from appdata>local>DayZ

Anyone can help or do I have to wait for another big patch with many fixes... ?

Geez added a comment.EditedMon, Jun 19, 12:55 PM

Hello dEfovsky.
Can you try to turn off every single program running in the background including your antivirus software and similar, run dayz and check if the issue still occurs? And if so, can you try to connect to server is running on experimental version so make sure your client is on the experimental version as well), play until the connection lost occurs and then let us know here what was the time of your connection/disconnection to the server and send us a link to your Steam profile?

All programs were disabled including antivirus .
So here is my steam profile .
I joined server at 16:40 i believe.
I started having dc at 16:43 and at 16:45 i got kicked.

Geez added a comment.Mon, Jun 19, 5:47 PM

Hello dEfovsky.
It appears that the connection has crashed our server and according to the crash logs, possibly due to something being wrong with your character.
There has been an experimental database wipe due to the upcoming update, can you try playing once your client updates to the latest experimental version and let us know if you still are experiencing the connection issues?

Still getting connection lost with new exp update. :-[

Geez added a comment.Tue, Jun 20, 12:40 PM

hello dEfovsky.
Can you try to connect to the server again and let us know?

Connected to server at 13:56
Couln't pick up items at 13:58
Got kicked at 13:59:50

Why it happens to me :(

Geez added a comment.Tue, Jun 20, 5:13 PM

Thank you dEfovsky.
We have updated the server to latest experimental version and turned on additional logs on the server which should bring us closer to the cause of the issue. Please update your experimental client and connect to the again until you receive the connection lost message and let us know here.

dEfovsky added a comment.EditedTue, Jun 20, 5:53 PM

I did it. Now instead of connection lost message I got memory crash. But still I can feel like im getting connection problem and cant open/pick up/switch items.

Joined server around ~ 17:48
Got error message around ~ 17:50:30

Geez added a comment.Wed, Jun 21, 10:44 AM
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Geez added a comment.Wed, Jun 21, 11:26 AM

Thank you dEfovsky.
If it is not an issue, can you put a -dologs startup parameter into your client (in Steam, right click on the game in library, properties, general tab and set launch options), connect again to the server until disconnection, then let us know and send us a RPT file from your C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\DayZ folder?

Geez added a comment.Wed, Jun 21, 11:56 AM

Also, the server is now running on stable version due to the updates to experimental database.

So I put -dologs startup parameter and got memory crash error. Here is a RPT file DayZ.RPT

Geez added a comment.Wed, Jun 21, 2:37 PM

Hello dEfovsky.
Does the game always crash with the parameter or was it just one time occurrence?

Oh my bad, thought u will need only 1 time crash, yea i can play for little bit , so I get like 5 crashes. Will upload next file in a moment

Ok so I crashed like ~ 8 times due to connection lost or memory error DayZ.RPT
Still was using -dologs .

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Thank you dEfovsky.
We will analyse the logs from the server and the rpt file you have provided and will get back to you once we have more information or possibly require more information from you.

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