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Allow looking vertically up in the sky
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RV Engine and Arma brought us the authentic star map, planet revolving etc. mechanics that help to navigate in the world. Particularly the stars and constellations. I used it a lot in Arma, DayZ Mod and earlier DayZ SA versions. I just looked up and searched for Ursa Minor or other constellations to find North.

AS a part of preventing players from gaining an advantage in 3rd Person View the vertical head movement was restricted. Now you cannot look up in the sky, whatever you do. Only 45 degrees up, not 90. Strange, that you can look down 90 degrees. I believe looking down gave the advantage in the 3rd Person View.

So, it's very annoying. It also limits the aiming up, whe you look up some opening with a ladder, a deer stand or other tall\tower structures.

Please, remove this vertical limitation. At least for the servers with "1st Person View only".

Thank you.


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Windows 7
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Look up.

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Hello zvukoper and thank you for the feedback.
The vertical limitation is going to be changed with the addition of the new animation system and player controller.