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Can't edit missions from MP server browser - button missing
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On current devbranch I'm unable to edit my own missions using the mission interface in the host server screen.
On stable it's working, no missing button.

Picture of current devbranch:

Currently selected mission has been created on stable branch.
After updating to devbranch the 3d editor button is missing for all user made missions (green text).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce

Download devbranch

  1. Click 'Multiplayer'
  2. Click 'Server Browser'
  3. Click 'Host server'
  4. Click 'Host server' again (talking about convoluted gui heh)
  5. Select one of your own made missions
  6. Notice that the '3D Editor' button is missing and only 'Restart' or 'Resume' are available

Try the same on stable branch, '3D Editor' button is available and working.

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Still an issue?

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Should be fixed, can you confirm?

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