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Dramatic FPS Drop on Same Build
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Was playing 0.62 on 05/25/17 and averaging +/-85fps in the countryside.

Was playing 0.62 on 05/28/17 and averaging +/-20fps in the countryside.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
W10 X64
Steps To Reproduce

Log onto a server and start playing. There have been absolutely no changes to my PC in the last couple of days (I haven't even downloaded a new virus definition file for Defender) and I am now barely able to play. The fps has dropped significantly for no obvious reason. There have been no new game builds. My configuration settings had not changed, but I did try to adjust them and could not improve the situation. I experienced the same issue on eight to ten different servers tonight. I rebooted the game and I also rebooted the PC, but my fps issue persists. Over the past +/-2 years, I have never not gotten fantastic fps in DayZ, with this machine ... until tonight.

It happens with Teamspeek running and without Teamspeak running. It happens with the Vivaldi browser running and without.

I plan to delete my config file and let the game generate a new one.

Additional Information

The PC is an i7-5930 CPU and a GTX780 GPU, with 16GB RAM. I'm using the 382.33 Nvidia driver.

I submitted crash reports for both of the nights in question. See T125016 and T125180 for the DXDIAG files and crash reports. Please advise if you require any additional information.

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Having run out of ideas, I deleted my dayz.cfg file and that fixed my problem. Comparing the new .cfg file with the old one, I found that the 3D_Performance value for the old file was a few orders of magnitude larger than the new one.

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Hello BleedoutBill and thank you for the report.
Have you tried checking other games and programs in your computer to see if there is any performance degradation in those as well?